Interactivity is our main poetic!

Eurekamob is a company specialized in the development of interactive virtual products that are easy to learn, effective in use and that give people a pleasant experience, stimulating their senses while taking into account the human being and its relationship with technology, as a central aspect to create public engagement with brands.
We do not simply seek to meet needs that already have been met but to generate new situations that enhance user skills in their relationship with the technology as to provide enjoyable experiences for these services.
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We embrace ideas, and so, we apply our scientific, strategic and operational creativity to generate value and produce technological innovation.

We seek to solve problems inherent in the technology itself, to observe the meanings and contexts in which people interact with it, instead of answering such problems the same way they were created - by the technique and/or technology.

internet internet

Planning, execution and diffusion of interactive virtual products and services in the internet, such as: development of websites, portals, e-commerce, email marketing, digital marketing and social media.

mobile mobile

Development of applications and games on various mobile platforms, meeting the main market technologies and following the parameters on iOS platforms, ANDROID and WindowsPhone.

game game

Planning and execution of games for purposes of entertainment, marketing, education, health and training on web platforms, mobile and pervasive technologies of virtual immersion and augmented reality, motion sensors and immersion helmets.

tips from experts

  • elaine matos Co-founder
    Master in Science and Mathematics Teaching
  • Michell Angelo Santos Lima Entusiasta por inovação, design tecnologia e negócios.
    Doutorando em Design pela UFRGS, Metre em Administração pela UFS, Especialista em desenvolvimento de sistemas e bacharel em design.


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